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Dr. Weber is a National Physician Trainer for Allergan (Botox, Juvederm, Voluma) and has extensive experience with all currently available neuromodulator products including Botox, Dysport and Xeomin. He has trained dozens of injectors in Colorado, the University of Michigan, Florida and Oklahoma in the safe and appropriate use of Botox and dermal fillers. Dr. Weber takes pride in performing all of the injectable treatments at Weber Facial Plastic Surgery. His injection techqnique is frequently described as “painless”, “gentle” or “the easiest injection treatment I’ve ever had.”

Botox is the original neuromodulator product FDA approved for the treatment of wrinkles. Since the approval of Botox over ten years ago, Dysport and Xeomin have been introduced by two competitor companies to combat lines and wrinkles created by excess muscle contraction. These treatments temporarily eliminate facial wrinkles in the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes and the nose. Botox can also elevate and shape the eyebrows and lift the heavy corners of the mouth. Botox can also be highly effective at slimming and refining the width of the lower face in patients with a bulky masseter muscle.

Typical treatment results include:

  • Elimination of frown lines or the dreaded “11s”
  • Softening of horizontal forehead creases
  • Lifting and shaping of the eyebrows (Botox browlift)
  • Softening of Crow’s feet and periorbital lines
  • Elimination of nasal “bunny” lines
  • Lifting and shaping of drooping corners of the mouth
  • Slimming of the lower face by slimming the masseter muscle
  • Improvement in neck banding or “cords”
  • Treatment of migraine that does not respond to traditional migraine medications

Treatments are performed by Dr. Weber with no discomfort. The effects of Botox treatment take three to four days to appear and last up to three to four months depending upon the amount of Botox injected and the patient’s muscle strength. When the effect of Botox begins to wear off, you will notice a return of muscle activity in the treated areas. We advise our clients to schedule a followup treatment when they notice troubling lines returning. Most patients choose to return three to four times per year for Botox treatment.

Occasionally, a small bruise can result from the injection but this can be camouflaged immediately with makeup. Temporary side effects can occur if Botox, Dysport or Xeomin migrates from the injection site. For this reason, we ask that you do not rub or massage the area for twelve hours after the injection. There are no known serious, permanent side effects associated with the use of Botox, Dysport or Xeomin at dosages that we employ.

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