Aging results in drooping of the eyebrows that can crowd the eyes and make the upper eyelids appear full. This can be remedied with a browlift procedure to eliminate drooping of the eyebrows and recreate the refined, delicate brow arch which is an aesthetic ideal of youth and beauty.

A browlift involves elevating the brow into a more youthful position. This has the effect of opening the eyes and reducing the heaviness and hooding of the upper eyelids. In some cases of severe aging of the eyes, a browlift will be combined with an upper eyelid surgery to more effectively rejuvenate the eye area. A browlift procedure requires 60 – 90 minutes of time at the surgery center. There are multiple, highly effective approaches to performing a browlift (endoscopic browlift, tricophytic/ hairline approach, coronal approach and direct or mid-forehead). The ideal approach depends upon the severity of brow and eyelid aging as well as the hairline position. Dr. Weber will discuss the pros and cons of each approach with you prior to making a recommendation about how to proceed.

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