Skin Cancer/ Mohs Reconstruction

The face is a common location for the occurrence of skin cancer. The gold-standard treatment for facial skin cancer is Mohs excision, a unique procedure performed by specially-trained dermatologists, that has a very, very high clearance rate and low rate of skin cancer recurrence. Regardless of the technique used to remove a facial skin cancer, the result is a defect of skin and sometimes deeper tissues that require repair.

Facial soft tissue reconstruction is often necessary following injury or removal of skin cancers or skin lesions. There are numerous options available and you deserve an expert assessment and explanation of the pros and cons of each approach. Dr. Stephen Weber uses the most modern reconstructive techniques available to provide an optimal, aesthetic result. More than one procedure may be necessary to achieve the best result. Dr. Stephen Weber has performed thousands of facial reconstructive procedures. During training, he was mentored by Dr. Shan Baker, past President of the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and author of numerous textbooks dedicated to facial reconstruction, at the University of Michigan. We will discuss with you all of the steps planned for your reconstruction at the time of your pre-operative visit at Weber Facial Plastic Surgery.


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