Nasal obstruction is a very common problem. There are numerous reasons why someone’s nasal breathing is impaired. Septorhinoplasty can improve the function of the nasal airway and improve a person’s breathing. A thorough examination by an expert septorhinoplasty surgeon can reveal the causes of nasal obstruction and potential remedies.

Regardless of the cause of nasal obstruction septorhinoplasty can, in most cases, improve your nasal breathing. Septorhinoplasty typically requires between 60 and 120 minutes in the operating room.

Incisions are typically placed inside the nostrils. However, on occasion, an incision across the base of the nose is required. This incision is usually very difficult to see once you’ve healed. Delicate sutures are used that do not require removal. Most patients will require either delicate tapes or a nasal splint to minimize swelling of the nose following surgery. These will be removed during the first week following surgery.

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